The team

“As a chief executive we know you are juggling an almost impossible number of tasks. Let us bring our commercial thinking to your corporate fundraising demands.”


Cause for Change specialises in developing, managing and growing corporate partnerships for small and midsize charities based in the UK.

For our charity clients, we aim to help them survive and thrive in an age of austerity through conceiving and developing private sector partnerships that deliver long-term financial sustainability.

For our corporate clients, we help you find innovative charity relationships that will galvanise staff and inspire trust and loyalty.


Saul Annett

Saul Annett

Founder, Cause For Change

With more than two decades in corporate fundraising and business development, my particular interest is in new business and creating partnerships from scratch.

I started out in fundraising at Scope (one of the UK’s largest charities), then spent five years at Foolproof. As Head of Business Development, I helped grow the business into Europe’s largest specialist digital user experience agency.

My passion is helping small charities  thrive so they can continue to deliver the essential services that keep our communities going.  A difficult backdrop – including cuts and government and private sector support benefiting larger causes – means many small charities face an uphill struggle.

I founded Cause for Change to help tackle this situation because I believe it is essential and that the private sector has a responsibility to do so. But more than this, I know that small charities and private sector brands can both benefit by working together.

Ray McCune

Ray McCune

Director, Cause For Change

With a background in business development and management, I have spent more than twenty years helping to grow design and technology agencies.

I left Foolproof (now a part of global digital solutions company Zensar) in 2016, after ten years on the management team and board, taking the business from start-up to an established global agency.

Prior to Foolproof, I was a founder of the user experience agency fhios and European Business Development Director for the New York based Internet Solutions firm Rare Medium.

I’m now working on a fresh and inspiring challenge, bringing small non-profit organisations and big brands together in creative ways at Cause for Change.